It’s something that’s taken me a while to accept. And that acceptance is an ongoing process. I am a re-writer. My first draft generally is not going to be my best work. That’s a tough pill to swallow, especially as a writer, and probably one the most difficult obstacles to overcome. I think all writers […]


Emery and I both consider ourselves to be literate, literary people. I have a master’s degree in humanities (folklore). Emery has an honest to god English degree. I read Pride and Prejudice annually. Em just finished a critical reading of Frankenstein. We both love doing literary criticism, even when it gets ridiculously post-modern. But that’s […]


Grey and I have been rather lax about posting here. Rather meaning very. We’ve fallen woefully behind on our duty here and it’s time to turn that around. Yesterday, in a fit of productive procrastination, when I wasn’t tweaking and rehabbing my solo site, the two of us were brainstorming categories and topics for posts […]


Some days, putting words down on paper is a challenge.  Too many days lately, it’s been bloody AGONY.  Those are the days where my only communication with the internet world is one or two tweets.  When I need to make a menu and grocery list but the thought of even writing down the days of […]


It all began a couple weeks ago when my Sequel From Hell™ for the Morton’s Pointe gang reared up its head and started begging for me to pay attention to it again…for the umpteenth time in five years. It’s the story that refused to die. Which seems to be a good thing as I finally, […]


Now available from Amber Quill Press Amber Allure: Blood on the Mountain. This will eventually be partnered with Under a Rock as a paperback collection of protection-themed stories, Watch My Back. From Chicago to Rio, from the beaches to the slums, Blood on the Mountainhas plenty to offer both outside the bedroom and in. And really, […]


That’s great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane – Lenny Bruce is not afraid. Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn … You’ve gotta wonder how much overplay that song’s getting this week, you know?  Too bad Snakes on a Plane wasn’t released this year, because then you could argue […]


It’s back to school time, which for my kids means losing all the extra video game time they’ve been squeezing in around camp (especially my teenager who hasn’t had camp), and for me it means purging all their clothes to figure out what they need new and then going shopping. Which is okay. I like […]


Vacation on Cape Cod was not only relaxing but somewhat productive for Grey and I. After laying the groundwork for a new collection of novellas, we even started poking at one of them, which is more than we’ve done for a while. So, it seems, that sea air was good for something. In other news, […]


At long last, vacation has arrived. Well, almost. I’m about 95% packed and ready to go. Up to Grey’s tonight, her mom’s tomorrow, then Cape Cod from Sunday to next Friday. Always wanted to go there, but mainly it’s just going to be good to get away. Clear my head and come back to life […]

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