Under their individual guises, Philippa Grey-Gerou (India) and Emery Sanborne (Harper have been writing together for about five years, two of those professionally, and finally decided that since they share a brain, sharing a name only makes sense. As their co-written stories tend to be a little darker and have a slightly harder edge than our solo words, the separate identity comes in handy. The fact that they don’t have to worry about who gets top billing doesn’t hurt either. Plus, no confusion on where to shelve them! Their stories under the name India Harper have a slightly harder edge as they explore predominately male/male relationships in the rich environments of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Emery lives in Philadelphia with her cat, while Grey lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with a less well behaved zoo.

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  1. Loved Sins of Profession and Lucas. Hope Carver and Logan will be back soon too with another novel of their own!

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