Blood on the Mountain


When Gabe Callan left the FBI to start his own security business, he thought he knew who he was and where he was headed.  Turned out he didn’t know himself at all.  Fortunately, his wife (now ex) forgave him.  Together they run Callan Securities, and in the little free time he has, well, one-night stands are good enough. 

Then Nathan Graves walks in.

Nathan is a philanthropist and entrepreneur.  He’s not a saint.  As soon as he met Gabe, he knew he wanted more than just protection from the man.  But they’re going to have two weeks in Rio to get to know each other better. A whole lot better, if Nathan has anything to say about it.

Except nothing ever goes to plan, and the two end up chased through the slums of one of the most glamorous cities on Earth, hiding from drug lords in the very shacks and hovels Nathan had come to replace. Getting to know each other better will have to take a back seat to getting home alive.

Now Available from Amber Quill Press Amber Allure

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