I finally got sick of not writing this week and decide it was high time to force myself back into the habit.  But I wanted to keep the pressure low.  Instead of aiming for my normal daily goal of 1000 words, I nudged it down to a more reasonable 100.  Even on a horrible, uninspired day I know I can string a measly hundred words together.  I’ll admit that on some days that small amount can be every bit as impossible seeming as 10,000 words.  Still, you have to start somewhere.

The first week has gone pretty good, but first week usually does with my “new” writing regimens.  As does the second week, mostly, though that’s where it tends to fall apart and my procrastination, slacking self rears her vicious head.  I do think, however, that with such a tiny daily goal I might stand a chance of sticking with this.  Ha ha ha ha ha.

It’s also spurred Grey into action on her solo stuff.  She wrote an opening that has me salivating for more.  As she so frequently does with me, I keep pestering her for the rest of the book now.  All’s fair after all.

Hopefully with the Lazy Ass Writing Goal (LAWG, for short, and no hyphen as I am lazy), will help us get our confidence back and be able to tackle our languishing but promising WIPs.

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