Bit of a mouthful there, but it does what it says on the tin.

LiveJournal has been our home for nearly nine years now. (Nine years. Where in the hell did the time go?) Anyway, there’s this challenge going around to help bolster content, particularly for us long-timers who have drifted away to the various content sites out there today (I’ve relied far too much on Twitter to keep my LJ looking lively). The premise is to come up with 100 posts of a common theme. You can interpret it as broadly or narrowly as you like and take as long as you like. So having fallen out of the writing habit in general, Grey and I have both decided to use this challenge as a kickstart to get back on our game.

Grey, true to form (and quite smartly too), is committing to set parameters. She’s going to be doing 100 drabbles. Drabbles, for you not in the know, are stories of 100 words. Period. Some people out there don’t give such a strict definition. But true drabbles are 100 words, no more not less. It’s how we got started back in the day, and there’s nothing more satisfying than meeting that challenge. Even if you have to take out precious words to do it.

Grey (aka, sadbhyl)’s entries can be found here: 100 Drabbles.

As for me (aka, mydeira), I’m playing it a bit more fast and loose by going for 100 Stories, Scenes, or Snippets. However I gave myself 10 set categories to work within, so that gives me some structure. Although I’m really thinking Grey had the better idea. Grey, right? No way. ;)

So stop on over. You never know what you’ll find.

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