Another week done and gone. I still find myself frequently surprised that it’s April already. Where the hell does the time go? The days may drag, but the weeks and months sure do fly.

Not much news on the writing front. Although, Sins of Profession was listed as number five for sales last month at AQP. WOOT! It’s the little things.

Since I’ve been not writing, what have I been doing to keep out of trouble? Well, there’s the brewing beer and a fair bit of knitting (lots of starting and restarting with the Pattern from Hell (TM)), and losing myself in the rabbit hole of cobbling together a family tree. All roads seem to lead back to Germany, be it the actual German lineage or the mutt route through Canada and New York and the Netherlands or the Polish side. Fascinating really. Of course, the most frustrating part is finding a bunch of stuff on dead side relatives but fuck-all on my paternal grandfather’s WWII service or my maternal great-grandfather’s WWI service. *grumble*

Otherwise, not much new to report on my end. Just keeping on keeping on.

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