The problem with being a woman writing fiction about men is that you have women parts, which are very different from menly parts and sometimes do really nasty things that you had no way to see coming.

Such has been the case for me this month. I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Before you run away screaming, this isn’t about to become a cancer blog. I have other places to talk about that. But I did feel like I needed to let our readers know because a) there may be someone else going through this out there who would like to not feel alone and b) it is going to have an effect on our India Harper production.

Fear not, the next (last?) book in the Creatures of Sin series is all done but the editing, and we have a new series that Emery kickstarted which we will hopefully be producing on as well. But it may (most likely will) mean that the shorter stories we’ve been publishing will trickle down to nothing. Which disappoints me. I like those little pieces. They’re a fun way to develop characters and relationship without having to delve into a terribly complex plot. But they’re also the easiest to put aside and pick up later. So this we do. I may be screaming for a distraction over the next few weeks, but right now it’s the best idea to sit back and let those ideas lie fallow and ripen until we can pick them up again in the fall.

In the meantime, we both hope you enjoy what we have completed, and hopefully you’ll be as excited as we are when the new stories start reappearing. And for anyone else out there who’s going through the challenge of breast cancer, good luck and best wishes, and if you want to visit, let me know. This is all new to me, too, and there really isn’t a manual!

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  1. I’m very sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I wish you all the best with whatever treatment you have chosen and I’m also hoping for your complete recovery. You will be in my thoughts during this time.

    I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed Sins of Profession. The sex was hot as usual, but I also really loved the banter between all the characters. Scotty is a hoot! Glad that Lucas found someone special. The Creatures of Sin series is one of my favorites and I’m happy to hear there will be another book, too .

    Take care!

  2. Be well! Will sorely miss the Sins boys, but glad there is one more to come.

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