One of our publishers emailed us Wednesday asking how we were coming along on the galley proof for our upcoming release. Bwuh? I had been wondering where it was since it’s been a few weeks since we wrapped up edits, but I always think things should move faster than they do. I’m weird like that. So I haven’t given it much thought, and Grey’s had a lot more important things to worry about.

After I emailed the publisher back, I had a brainwave. Was it maybe accidentally in my spam? Having multiple email addresses is always going to result in craziness. But I thought consolidating all but one of them in my main Gmail account would help offset any issues. It has. Until now. So I went into my author email specifically to check the spam, and yup, there the galley was. I promptly re-responded to the publisher saying we would get the errata back by some point Thursday. I had it turned around by the end of Wednesday night.

Damn email, thwarting my efficiency. When there’s something on my plate to get done professionally, I like to get it done and back to whomever asap, regardless of lead time. On the personal side, when it’s not my job and there’s no financial ties to it (i.e., bills), I can drag my feet like you wouldn’t believe. It’s how I roll. Not knowing that I had something to do just makes me feel like a fool for not doing the spam check sooner (although, to be fair, it had only been there since this past Saturday). Such is the exciting live of an author.

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