Appropriately enough, the title of the story Grey and I are reworking is Fade Phoenix. It’s not the first time this story has risen from the ashes in the new form, but it just might be the best it’s ever been. Or will be. As with any work in progress, there are rough patches to smooth out and assorted bumps along the way.

Once upon the time it was a M/M fanfic that we tweaked into an M/F story for publication because…well, it’s a bit fuzzy now as to why we changed the gender. It was as a favor for one of our publishers at the time that did sell M/M stories, so…who knows. The gender change never really worked and the story never got the editing or rewriting love it truly deserved.

Some key components have remained the same since day one, but the writing has evolved and the right characters may have finally fallen into our laps. First came the names and then the faces, and now their personalities are making themselves known.

I finally got through my big first pass. Now it’s Grey’s turn to work her magic. I’m the rewriter but she’s the mistress of detail and coherency. I throw the curveballs; she does the research that ground them in a believable reality. When we’re good, we’re brilliant. And when we’re down, we need to remember just how damned awesome we are.

Being a writer isn’t a stagnant process. It’s a constant evolution of self, of skill, and of story. An ongoing rebirth.

More and more, it’s seeming like that phoenix tattoo I got is quite fitting.

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