We just received the sad news that the British actor Robin Sachs has passed away.

I think it’s no secret that Emery and I cast most of our main characters when we write.  Afterwards, the characters develop their own personalities and traits apart from the actors and their characters that inspired us, but that actor is always the seed.

Robin inspired many of those characters for us.

From Peter Oberon in our Rule of Three series to Sebastian Byrne in the Frost and Byrne series we are currently working on to the eponymously named Robin Faulkner in Creatures of Sin, Robin Sachs, with his jocular snideness, cutting humor and, honestly, unconventional British handsomeness, has in many ways been our muse since we started writing together, lo these many years ago.

Thank you, Robin, for everything you’ve done, both for the fandoms you have been so generous to with your time and talents, and for us, as our inspiration and encouragement.

We will miss you.


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Hello from Emery. Just making sure this silly updater finally is doing the job it’s supposed to. Of course, it helps if I set the darn thing up right in the first place, huh?


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